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Fiction Writer? Write Some Non-Fiction.

So you are a fiction writer and you want to get better? Write some non-fiction. Say what? There is a lot of great non-fiction writers out there and you shouldn’t be ignoring them. You can learn a lot. I am sports fan and read Sports illustrated each week. There is nothing like it in the […]

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100% What You Want.

Bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series, Lee Child, wrote about reading and writing, . . . You never find a book that’s 100% what you want, so you have to write it yourself. So what is your favourite genre? Or writer? And what are they not doing which you want them to? Now take […]

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I have a confession. I didn’t write today. Before you turn your backs on me at the coffee shop, or whisper to your writing group, or report me to the authorities, sometimes it is okay to simply not write. Don’t make it a habit though! Some days you just need to input. Read. Chat. Muse. […]

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Two Kinds of Writing.

So, what are your currently writing? Stories or articles? And how can you meet somewhere in the middle?

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Like Learning an Instrument.

As well as writing your poems, your plays, or your novels, make sure you practice. Set aside some time each day to work on the technical side of your writing.

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Masterchef for Writers.

I love tv programmes like Masterchef. Professional or celebrity contestants try out their culinary skills through a number of rounds and challenges, some being eliminated week by week, until the final three remain, and the eventual winner is chosen. They are judged by previous finalists and top critics. They work in professional kitchens and with […]

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If You Could Have Written One Book?

If you could have written one book what would it be? Don’t think for too long or your list will be twenty or thirty books long. As soon as the book you think of first comes into your head, think about the reasons why you have chosen that particular one. For me the answer is […]

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This evening my family were playing a game called ‘Who Am I?’ You each wear a cardboard headband into which sits a card with the name of someone famous on it. You get to ask questions in turn about the identity of your person, with everyone else answering with yes or no. Well that is […]

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Because the Book has Changed you.

Kristina Olsson is an Australian writer. In an article for the Guardian newspaper she describes walking across England and discovering that long distance walking and writing a novel are similar things. She makes the declaration ‘because the book has changed you’ – read the article, it is very good, and you will get the context. […]

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Just Show Up.

Sometimes. All you need to do. Is just show up. Sometimes showing up is at your standing desk with your favourite playlist. Or sitting at your favourite table, in your favourite coffee shop, with your favourite drink. But sometimes showing up is just your pen and notebook in the corner of a cramped commuter train. […]