Creativity Update.

I have taken once again to writing my reflections upon a verse of the Bible each week day. As always I write what I most need to hear and do. I am conscious of more focus on individual words in this phase of writing than before. Then the whole verse was in consideration. Now itContinue reading “Creativity Update.”

Daily Verse – 1 Peter 4:10

Interestingly in the Greek Interlinear text of this passage, the phrase ‘from his great variety of spiritual gifts’ does not appear. This is clearly an addition by the translators to further inform on the meaning of the passage. The more straight forward Interlinear ‘(as) each has received a gift’ is much more inclusive than theContinue reading “Daily Verse – 1 Peter 4:10”

Art and Ideas.

Polish by birth, Max Weber moved to the US when he was ten years old and his family settle in Brooklyn. I loved this image for its title first – ‘Rush Hour’ (1915). The sense of movement and the buildings towering over your progress is wonderful. But I wonder what he would make of rushContinue reading “Art and Ideas.”

Art for the Day.

#Good Friday This is from my Instagram account. I’ve always loved art and always bemoaned ‘I can’t draw’. This self-fufilling prophecy has worked for all of the years following a drawing I did of a Police motorcycle in Primary School, aged about seven! During this latest lockdown I determined to ‘give’ art a go againContinue reading “Art for the Day.”

Paula Scher: Graphic Designer

My creative tv programme for the day is from Netflix – Abstract, The Art of Design. You will quickly realise, as I did, that you are far more familiar with Scher’s work than her name. The episode is a subtle masterclass in how to design and create a unified theme which can be used toContinue reading “Paula Scher: Graphic Designer”

Chase Jarvis – Creative Calling – Pt.2

Last week I shared some takeaways from the first session of Chase Jarvis’ Creative Calling Bookclub – if you missed it then click here! Week 2 was about focusing on the I. I – Imagine what you want D – Design a system to do it E – execute the plan A – Amplify SoContinue reading “Chase Jarvis – Creative Calling – Pt.2”