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Chase Jarvis – Creative Calling – Pt.1

You know who Chase Jarvis is right? You’ve heard of CreativeLive? No? Then hit the links before reading any further. It’s okay. I’ll wait for you. Sorted? Great! Now we all are familiar with Chase and his amazing team in CreativeLive, then let’s get into his book Creative Calling. This book is his blueprint and […]

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Day 409 – Be A Documentarian.

If you haven’t discovered Austin Kleon yet, do it now! He describes himself as ‘a writer who draws’ but he also just happens to be a New York Times bestselling author of books about creativity in the digital age. In a conversation with Chase Jarvis, Kleon gives you three reasons why we must show our […]

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Day 401 – But You Don’t Even Own A Camera.

Listening to a Podcast and I heard this great story: Husband: What is it you would really like to do, more than anything? Wife: Be a photographer. Husband: But you don’t even own a camera. That wife, Jasmine Staro, is now the most famous wedding photographer online. Answer that question above for yourself and I […]

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Day 100 – Silencing the Inner Critic.

If you are creative, then you have an inner critic. If you are not creative, then you definitely have an inner critic. Exactly what that inner critic says and how it makes you feel, is different for every one of us. Check out this edition of the Chase Jarvis Live Podcast with Danielle Krysa, on […]

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Day Ninety – The Random Edition.

Day One began on Sunday 6th May, for no other reason than that was the day I decided to write – it was practice really – for between two and five minutes each day. There is no theme. No continuity. Simply, whatever comes into my head and my fingers type the words. Most of the […]