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Lessons from Celine Sciamma’s Writing Process.

This talk by French Screenwriter and Film Maker, Celine Sciamma, has challenged me in two ways. It has challenged my already challenged mind regarding the received ‘this is the way you plot a story’. It has challenged me to think even more deeply about what the focus of my stories are. For Sciamma there is […]

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Taking a Break.

If you choose to take a break, have you broken your habit? I’ve written just over 63,000 words in the last 7 weeks, with the aim of writing at least 1,000 words a day. I established the habit I wanted of writing a minimum of 1,000 words a day. Then two days ago, I stopped […]

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Improving Your Character(s)!

It is difficult in these days of movies and tv series not to associate actors with the fictional people they portray. Or is it the other way around? An honest actor will tell you that if the writing is good then they just say the lines. Which is them being very generous. Their art is […]

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Day 443 – Embracing the Void.

I’ve just read a great article by Gwenna Laithland advising writers to use ‘white noise’. Basically, white noise is the void – the bits you leave out which the reader then projects their own thoughts and imagination onto. Laithland uses the example of a Harry Potter stage show casting Hermione Grainger with a black actress. […]

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Day 438 – To TV or Not To TV, That Is The Question.

One piece of writing advice is to destroy your tv. You’re a writer of books, so read ’em and write ’em. TV was invented to distract you and allow advertising to sell you stuff. So that should be enough for why not to TV. So Why to TV? Plot and Characters in a story arc. […]

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Day 397 – Seth Godin’s Ten Words.

Seth Godin writes. If you don’t read him, then you should be. He has written best sellers and he writes a daily blog. He is also an engaging speaker. His blog post for today is titled ‘Ten Words Per Page‘. He challenges us to highlight ten words out of a thousand we have written. If […]

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The Sixth Sense Way to Establish Character and Plot.

So how long do you think you have got to reel in that reader? You’ve written three hundred or four hundred pages, so thirty or forty pages to get going? More like the length of the Amazon ‘Look Inside’ preview, or the equivalent stood at the shelves in your local book store. The bottom line […]

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Work On Your Weaknesses.

When people go to a gym they generally use the weights or equipment that they are most competent with. They use the running machine because that’s comfortable for them. They lift the weights which they can do the most reps with, or move the heaviest weight. Writers are no different. We turn up and immediately […]

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The Healthy Writer’s Lifestyle.

The secret to a healthy lifestyle can be summed up in three things: Quality Sleep Healthy Diet Physical Activity All of these are important to a writer, obviously. But what makes for a healthy writing lifestyle? How about, Quality Thinking Healthy Reading (or Watching if you are working on tv/film) Physical Writing Let’s break these […]

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Five People

There is a saying – I don’t know where it originates – but there is a saying that you are a reflection of your five closest friends. If that is true then I should be at least a foot taller and a few pounds heavier – no offence to my friends but I am the […]