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Writing A Character Series.

Check out this excellent Guardian newspaper article interviewing a host of essential authors writing in the detective genre. Lee Child, Ian Rankin, Michael Connelly, Val McDermaid, Ann Cleeves, and others talk about how they came to write their series and the impact of doing so.

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Day 437 – What You Know.

There is an old writing adage which exhorts you to write what you know. Sound advice. If you have never been a police officer, or investigated a murder, then you might want to avoid crime novels. Yet plenty of writers ‘do’ crime. Why? Possibly because they want to murder someone and they’ve really thought hard […]

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Day 432 – Dark-side of the Moon.

This isn’t an inspired by Pink Floyd post – not that I have anything against the band. The anniversary of the lunar landings let people know what was on the side we all can gaze out of our windows and see. Sure, it took a lot of effort to get there, but very quickly we […]

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Day 404 – Understand This.

Books and Vinyl Records. The covers, the textures, the background noise. E-books and digital downloads – somehow books seemed to have managed to miss out the equivalent stages of the CD and MiniDisc. The future is . . . . . . Books and Vinyl are making a comeback. But there is a difference now. […]

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Day 403 – Tradition.

Watch this. It takes 6 minutes. It’s about a Scots Gaelic singer named Julie Fowlis. She was born and brought up in Northern Uist, in the Hebridean Islands. She talks about musical traditions, some going back to the Twelfth Century. In many creative endeavours tradition(s) is(are) normally quite important. But I think in many instances […]

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Day 400 – Think Inside The Box.

We are all aware of the phrase ‘think outside the box’. The ‘box’ being the confines of the problem we are contending with. It is ironic that colouring outside of the lines often gains you chastisement rather than praise. Life is full of lines. Most of them have penalties for crossing them. We are encouraged […]