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Day 412 – Investment.

What’s your investment in your creative endeavour? The Number One Bestselling Thriller writer Lee Child had been fired from his TV job so sat down to write a novel which sold. The alternative was his wife’s suggestion that he could be a ‘reacher’ in a supermarket. He was pretty invested in getting that book finished […]

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Day 95 – The Art of TV and Novels Meet?

First, Read This: Nothing new, right? Charles Dickens was doing a similar thing back in the day. Worked out pretty well for him. Eventually, someone is beginning to think differently about how we consume the written word. Culturally there have been massive changes in how we consume media/entertainment, in the last five years, in terms […]

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Ballard, Bosch, Reacher.

News on my three favourite characters in fiction came out yesterday. Michael Connelly revealed that his next book will see his new heroine RenĂ©e Ballard team up with his most famous hero Harry Bosch. I guarantee fans of Connelly are trying to find ways to shorten the months so October gets here quicker. News broke […]

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Five Friends Continued.

In my last post, Five Friends, I put a spin on the old saying that you are a reflection of your five closest friends. I asked you to consider who your five closest writers were. I thought it only fair to invite you into the circle of my five closest authors. Ray Bradbury – My […]

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Where You Live.

In, British designer and tv presenter, Kevin McLoud’s 43 Principles of Home, he makes the following observations in Principle 16, Make the context of where you live part of your narrative . . . Research local history . . . Memorise your landmarks . . . Study the flora, fauna, and geology of your place […]

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100% What You Want.

Bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series, Lee Child, wrote about reading and writing, . . . You never find a book that’s 100% what you want, so you have to write it yourself. So what is your favourite genre? Or writer? And what are they not doing which you want them to? Now take […]