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Lessons from Celine Sciamma’s Writing Process.

This talk by French Screenwriter and Film Maker, Celine Sciamma, has challenged me in two ways. It has challenged my already challenged mind regarding the received ‘this is the way you plot a story’. It has challenged me to think even more deeply about what the focus of my stories are. For Sciamma there is […]

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Day 465 – Revisiting Ray Bradbury’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’.

If you have read any of my other posts then you already know that I am a fan of Podcasts and Audiobooks. Today, I revisited one of my favourite Ray Bradbury novels in F451, with a great audio version narrated by Tim Robbins. One of the many things which struck me this time around was […]

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Day 437 – What You Know.

There is an old writing adage which exhorts you to write what you know. Sound advice. If you have never been a police officer, or investigated a murder, then you might want to avoid crime novels. Yet plenty of writers ‘do’ crime. Why? Possibly because they want to murder someone and they’ve really thought hard […]

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Day 397 – Seth Godin’s Ten Words.

Seth Godin writes. If you don’t read him, then you should be. He has written best sellers and he writes a daily blog. He is also an engaging speaker. His blog post for today is titled ‘Ten Words Per Page‘. He challenges us to highlight ten words out of a thousand we have written. If […]

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Piece to Camera.

In Tim Ferris‘ book The Tools of Titans, B.J. Novak lists Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as a must study for the way the character narrates to camera throughout the movie. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is an awesome movie and definitely worth studying in more detail. Shakespeare was a big fan of his characters talking to […]