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From the Archives – Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

I was looking back through some of the older posts and I thought that this one was worthy of dusting off. I’ve altered a few little bits to update it, but it is mostly what I originally wrote. I hope you enjoy it. Recently I revisited one of my favourite Ray Bradbury novels in Fahrenheit […]

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Day 425 – What’s Your Next Project?

There should always be a next project. What is it? Still finishing up on a current project? It doesn’t matter. There should already be another project. How far through planning and scheduling it are you? Get on with it! I’ll admit it is a fine line between dividing your creative focus between finishing your current […]

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A Strong Supporting Cast.

I was brought up on a healthy diet of science fiction. Both my father and grandfather loved the genre, and any tv series, film, or book, was readily devoured. One of the stand out features of the original Star Trek series was the anticipation of seeing the bridge for the first time in each episode. If […]