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Three Wishes When You Are Stuck In The Middle.

Via Seth Godin. We all get stuck. And it’s not always in mud with some friends to get us out, as in the playground game. Normally, when we are in a creative ‘stuck’ there aren’t other people to ‘free’ us. If you have a group of other creatives around you who can do this, then […]

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Day 469 – The Saturday Answer.

The usual recap to begin . . . . . . The Friday Question was, What specific style/genre/type of writing is the one you most want to write? And my Saturday Answer is . . . . . . One which changes all the time! If I read a thriller, then I want to write […]

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Day 468 – The Friday Question.

This week’s question is the one I most need to answer! So The Friday Question is . . . . . . What specific style/genre/type of writing is the one you most want to write? I will try and come up with a single answer for The Saturday Answer. Promise.

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Day 467 – Creative Like Bill Belichick, Pt.2.

So yesterday I suggested that relatives could take inspiration/lessons from sports and hopefully I will convince you today. Bill Belichick is the most successful NFL coach ever because: He stays focused on the overall goal and works hard to achieve it He never goes through the motions and always trains with purpose He makes sure […]

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Day 402 – 21 Stages – 21 Stories.

I am a fan of professional cycling. So the month of July has only one focus for me – the Tour de France – Le Tour! (Cue the Kraftwerk soundtrack!) 23 days and 21 stages (two of the days are rest days) of the toughest – mentally and physically – sporting race in the world. […]

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Fiction Writer? Write Some Non-Fiction.

So you are a fiction writer and you want to get better? Write some non-fiction. Say what? There is a lot of great non-fiction writers out there and you shouldn’t be ignoring them. You can learn a lot. I am sports fan and read Sports illustrated each week. There is nothing like it in the […]

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Two Kinds of Writing.

So, what are your currently writing? Stories or articles? And how can you meet somewhere in the middle?