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Day 475 – The Friday Question.

The Friday Question is . . . . . . If you could spend three months writing anywhere in the world, where would it be? My response in The Saturday Answer tomorrow.

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Day 469 – The Saturday Answer.

The usual recap to begin . . . . . . The Friday Question was, What specific style/genre/type of writing is the one you most want to write? And my Saturday Answer is . . . . . . One which changes all the time! If I read a thriller, then I want to write […]

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Day 468 – The Friday Question.

This week’s question is the one I most need to answer! So The Friday Question is . . . . . . What specific style/genre/type of writing is the one you most want to write? I will try and come up with a single answer for The Saturday Answer. Promise.

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Day 461 – The Friday Question.

I have been listening/reading a few podcasts/articles which have drawn me back into poetry again. So the Friday Question is . . . . . . If you could only read one Poet for the rest of your life, who would it be?

The Friday Question

Day 454 – The Friday Question.

So after not posting anything since last week’s Friday Question, the Friday Question is . . . . . . Why didn’t you achieve what you planned to during this last week?

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Day 447 – The Friday Question.

This one comes with a little bit of inspiration from a book I’ve been listening to, by Adam Nicholson, about the Romantic Poets Coleridge and Wordsworth’s time in the Quantocks. In an early chapter it is detailed that Wordsworth was in the habit of borrowing quite a lot from others, owing to having little or […]

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Day 440 – The Friday Question.

Straight in here with no preamble . . . . . . What ‘creative’ excuse do you use for not doing the creative task you’ve scheduled yourself? As always, I will post my answer tomorrow in ‘The Saturday Answer’.

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Day 434 – The Friday Question.

Here it is . . . What single thing/event would ‘supercharge’ your creative exploits? I will post my response tomorrow, as usual, in The Saturday Answer. (P.s. I completed the first 2 hours of a 24-hour-project today – more on that to follow.)

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Day 427 – The Friday Question.

I can’t believe it is Friday already! A super busy week, but here’s the question: What is the last foreign language you began to learn and why? I suppose that is two questions really and I could easily throw in a third – are you still learning that language?

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Day 420 – The Friday Question.

If you could have written one book, painted one picture, or performed/written one song – what would it be?