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Tips for Screenwriters from a Professional Story Analyst – Coverfly

Tips for Screenwriters from a Professional Story Analyst – Coverfly — Read on Great pointers from story analyst , Micah Goldman. ‘Your voice is the soul of the screenplay.’ So what is your voice and how can you show that on the screen or the page?

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To Be A Great Writer, Be A Cook.

Ingredients, Flavour, and Cooking – Words, Structure, and Writing.

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23 Days in July 2019 – Le Tour – Stage 14.

The Tour has its own heritage and legends not only in the riders of the peloton but also in the stages themselves. The HC – haut category – climbs are essentially marked as ‘beyond classification’ and are largely where the Tour de France is won or lost. The Col du Tourmalet is one of these […]

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Day 403 – Tradition.

Watch this. It takes 6 minutes. It’s about a Scots Gaelic singer named Julie Fowlis. She was born and brought up in Northern Uist, in the Hebridean Islands. She talks about musical traditions, some going back to the Twelfth Century. In many creative endeavours tradition(s) is(are) normally quite important. But I think in many instances […]