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Tips for Screenwriters from a Professional Story Analyst – Coverfly

Tips for Screenwriters from a Professional Story Analyst – Coverfly — Read on Great pointers from story analyst , Micah Goldman. ‘Your voice is the soul of the screenplay.’ So what is your voice and how can you show that on the screen or the page?

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To Be A Great Writer, Be A Cook.

Ingredients, Flavour, and Cooking – Words, Structure, and Writing.

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Day 467 – Creative Like Bill Belichick, Pt.2.

So yesterday I suggested that relatives could take inspiration/lessons from sports and hopefully I will convince you today. Bill Belichick is the most successful NFL coach ever because: He stays focused on the overall goal and works hard to achieve it He never goes through the motions and always trains with purpose He makes sure […]

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Day 426 – Distracted.

A study, led by Harvard, claims that an average ‘knowledge’ worker works in a state of distraction for 47% of their time. Flip this around. By being more focused they could accomplish the same amount of work in half the time. Or potentially double their output. How effectively can you focus? Any habits or disciplines […]

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Day 410 – Schedule.

There is a difference between an amateur and a professional in any endeavour. Money isn’t the differentiating factor anymore. Both get paid; although you would expect the latter to receive more. The professional is clear in what their job is. They have to meet specific expectations and everything else in their life works around those […]

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A Season With Wigan Warriors – Pre-Season Thoughts.

For me, pre-season began viewing some of the videos put up on Wigan TV showing the team building trips with the Red Bull team and up to Newcastle. Every team looks to shake up what they do before the start of the season and I am certainly not knocking what they did. I’m just not […]

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Work On Your Weaknesses.

When people go to a gym they generally use the weights or equipment that they are most competent with. They use the running machine because that’s comfortable for them. They lift the weights which they can do the most reps with, or move the heaviest weight. Writers are no different. We turn up and immediately […]