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Day 446 – Wind.

I am currently reading Where The Wild Winds Are by Nick Hunt. He searches for four winds which effect European weather. The Helm. The Bora. The Foehn. The Mistral. Hunt’s writing is descriptive, informative, and engaging. It is one of those books where you rack your brain for a similar idea, to justify going off […]

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Reading the World.

Continuing with the theme of my last two posts, further research has led me to Ann Morgan who, in 2012, had a similar notion to me. As well as reading her way around the world, Ann Morgan has given a TED talk about the experience and the impact it has had on her. Her list […]

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Around the World in 80 Books.

If you’ve read my previous post, The Music of Strangers, then you will understand why I’ve added this post. If you didn’t, then I’ve come to the realisation that my knowledge of world literature is quite lacking. A quick Google search brought up’s Around the World in 80 Books. The majority of these books […]

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The Music of Strangers.

This is actually the fifth attempt at writing the first line of this post about what world-famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma did next in the year my youngest son was born. He formed a world-wide ensemble called Silkroad, which: creates music that engages difference, sparking radical cultural collaboration and passion-driven learning to build a more hopeful […]