On the Desk.

What’s on my desk right now:

(A big shout out to Alastair Johnston where I got this idea from and a great article for those Bullet-Journalers among you.)

Photo by Ardalan hamedani on Unsplash

In Progress:

  1. Lots of time spent in reflection about moving forward and what exactly I want to do.
  2. Reflection on how I do ‘things’ on a daily basis.
  3. One main book in progress with a working title of ‘Jail Break’.
  4. Prayer and Bible study – using a habit tracker to pray more each day and I’m still studying the Gospel of John.
  5. READ – The Sentinel by Lee Child & Andrew Child. The Law of Innocence by Michael Connelly. A Song for the Dark Times by Ian Rankin. With Child by Andy Martin. Atomic Habits by James Clear. READING – The Exe Men by Robert Kitson. The Reacher Guy – Heather Martin. The Resurrection Men by Ian Rankin.
  6. TV – Raised by Wolves – A great story about parenthood, religion v atheism, and the struggle for life.
  7. MUSIC – Classical singer Fatima Said. Revisiting Joe Satriani’s back catalogue.

Coming Up:

New Content for the Site.